I am a 28 yr young model living in Kaiserslautern,Germany! I am an experienced, published model with various publications since 2013 in the tri-state area with various local talent! I do wish to expand and grow within this artform and welcome any talent willing to collaborate. Many who work with me would say i am a ball of energy, but above that I am not a boxed model and love exploring all fields of the artform! 

I began modeling shortly after my departure from the military. I served 5 years and experienced an overseas tour. I had to figure out what to do with this new found body and confidence so decided to go for the dream i've had since a little girl! I have vowed to be fearless and always willing to push my limits. I've been blessed to live out this dream and continue to grow from it! Please feel free to contact me for collaborations, advice, or tips.


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